Oman’s role appreciated in Iran deal: US official

Muscat - 

The sultanate’s role has been appreciated worldwide for its role in groundbreaking Iran-US nuclear deal, according to a visiting US official, who added that the country has become a key promoter of peace in the region.

“Oman has been very receptive to working with the US and this is due to His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said’s vision. He believes it is in everybody’s interest to be friends and not enemies to each other,” Simin Yazdgerdi Curtis, president and CEO of the American Middle East Institute and Honorary Consul of Oman in Pittsburgh, told Muscat Daily.

“Oman's contribution to world peace is great. It can play a big role with regards to relations between other rival countries due to its good relations with all of them.”

Simin said Oman being a neutral country can act as a bridge to bring countries together.

“After Oman helped ease tensions between the US and Iran, I am very optimistic about the relations which broke in 1979. The new relationship will be for a better world.”

Simin is in Oman to explore more opportunities in business, education and cultural areas.

“People of the US understand how Oman is open and peaceful but they need to engage more and that is possible after they know more about it.

“I think Oman and the US have good relations but we need more investment and university exchanges. We also need more cultural exchanges and as part of my job, I am here along with representatives from different institutions to explore ways in developing them further.”

As part of her job, Simin serves as a representative of Oman and helps promote relations with the US while also assisting citizens from Oman.

Simin said plans are afoot to arrange a potentially groundbreaking concert tour of Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra in Iran since 1964, one of the last American orchestras to do so.

“The negotiations with Iran about the concert tour, which have occurred with the knowledge of the State Department officials, have started which could also include a visit to Oman. If we succeed in taking the symphony for this breakthrough concert in Tehran, it will be great.”

Simin is also working to encourage US companies in the pharmaceutical sector to invest in Oman. “During my visit to Oman, I as a representative of Carmolex, an institution which leads in drug discovery is willing to establish a hub in Oman to help find cure for cancer.”

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