Oman's population is 2,773,479: Census

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As per the final results of the 2010 census, the total population of Oman has now gone up to 2,773,479. Residential units now number 551,058, according to the second booklet issued by Census Administration.

The total number of Omanis according to the latest census is 1,957,336 compared to 1,781,558 in 2003. Expatriates in the country numbered 816,143 in 2010 compared to 559,257 in 2003.The total population in 2003 was only 2,340,815.

“The Governorate of Muscat had the highest number with 775,878 people. Batinah region has 772,590 people, Sharqiya region 350,514 people, Dakhilia region 326,651 people while Governorate of Dhofar recorded 249,729 people,” a statement from Census Administration said on Saturday.

“The Dhahira region recorded 151,669 people and Buraimi 72,917 people. They were followed by Al Wusta region with 42,111 people and finally Musandam with 31,425 people,” it added.

Among the top ten wilayats, Seeb is the most populated with 302,992 people followed by Bausher with 192,235, Salalah with 172,570, Muttrah came fourth with 150,124, followed by Sohar with 140,006. Ibri recorded 116,416 people, Suwaiq 111,711, Barka 96,407, Saham  93,438, and Nizwa recorded 84,528 people.

Census Administration has issued 20,000 copies of the final census results in the form of a booklet, which is being distributed at different ministries, government bodies and security institutions as well as private sector institutions.

“A good number of copies will be also distributed in remote areas so that the results reach as many people as possible. Those who are interested can get copies from the Census Administration office at Airport Heights. The results are also available online at www.census.,” the statement added.

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