Oman’s oldest mosque getting renovated

Muscat - 

Renovation of Midmar Mosque, believed to be the oldest in Oman, in the wilayat of Samail, is nearing completion as teams are putting the final touches to the project.

Midmar Mosque was originally built by Samail-born Sahabi Mazen bin Ghaduba - companion of Prophet Mohammed - in 6 Hijri (627 AD).


This is the second major renovation after the first one in 1979. Speaking to Oman TV, the mosque’s Imam, Nouh Salim al Saqri talked about the importance of the mosque and its significance to the Omani people. “This is the first mosque to be ever built in Oman. It represents the beginning of faith in Oman and set in motion the spreading of the light of Islam in the country.”

The mosque can accommodate approximately 100 worshippers. A Sahn, the exterior courtyard can accommodate additional worshippers.

While unsure about the exact date of commencement of the work, locals in the area said that the renovation work has been going on for over a year as crews were putting the final touches to the natural stone tiles surrounding the mosque.

The mosque’s ceiling features woven date palm leaf mats, framed by thick wooden beams. The carved wooden doors feature floral Islamic patterns and metal studs.

The mosque is also a focal point of the community and a place of learning. People from Samail and beyond can attend the lectures held after Asr (afternoon) prayers.

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