Oman inks pact with road transport body to reform services

Muscat - 

The International Road Transport Union (IRU) has joined hands with Oman Global Logistics Group (OGLG) to reinforce the country’s potential as a major logistics hub, served by a robust road transport sector.

Both organisations have agreed on key areas of cooperation including accession and implementation of UN Conventions related to trade and transport facilitation, notably the TIR Convention, training and professional certification for commercial road transport, and the digitalisation of logistics systems, stated a press release. Umberto de Pretto, secretary general of IRU said, “IRU is extremely pleased to be working together with OGLG to help transform the potential of road transport in Oman, bringing our nearly 70 years of experience and our global network to the endeavour.”

He said, “Our organisations share a common and certain conviction that reforming road transport services and modernising the customs procedures of Oman will offer a powerful platform to address broader issues of regional trade development, sustainability and economic growth.”

At the signing ceremony in Muscat recently, IRU and OGLG came together with high level officials from the Ministry of Transport and Communications and Oman Customs, to devise next steps for the development of the road transport sector.

They also met private sector organisations with interests in transport and trade facilitation to foster cooperation between the public and private sectors. Nabil al Bimani, executive director for the National Logistics Strategy was quoted in the release as saying, “In cooperation with IRU, we aim to encourage and facilitate road transport, simplifying regulations and practices related to the movement of goods along domestic and international routes.”

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