Oman ‘Zaree’ project completes successful year

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A year after its launch by Omran in November 2012, Zaree, the income generating all-female micro-tourism business based in Khasab, has seen massive success and continues to be recognised for its accomplishments. 

Most recently, Zaree’s Team Leader, Iman al Salti, was named as ‘Best Tourism Ambassador for Batinah and Musandam’ by the Travelex Oman Tourism Ambassador Awards 2013. Earlier this year, Zaree won first place in the Entrepreneurship Award category as part of the Al Roya Youth Awards and Omran was acknowledged for its efforts towards Zaree with the ‘Women Empowerment’ accolade during the Singapore-based third Asia's Best CSR Practices Awards.

The Zaree team provides tourists with various traditional Omani experiences through various paid packages that give an authentic glimpse of the local lifestyle in a family-friendly environment including the opportunity to try on traditional Omani garments, have henna applied, learn common Arabic phrases and sample the very best of local cuisine. As the first project of its kind in the Middle East, the programme’s progression has been encouraged through exhibition participation and support from Omran’s extensive network.

Combining intensive training courses and real life experiences, the initiative has created new vistas for Omani women to become business owners and future entrepreneurial leaders in the tourism industry. This rare insight into the lives of these Khasab ladies created a distinctive platform to bridge cultures and exchange ideas while creating jobs, generating revenue and promoting the characteristic beauty of the sultanate. Originally offering tour packages exclusively to women, Zaree expanded to provide their services to male tourists as well. “This past year has seen an incredible amount of growth and success for us.

From Zaree’s humble beginnings, we have worked together to learn, train, improve and share more of our culture and country in a way no other company has done. We provide the interaction between the people of Khasab and the people of the world to make their visit more memorable and meaningful and create a story for them to share with many along the way to help continue our business,” expressed Iman al Salti, Zaree team leader.

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