Oman LNG promotes tourism and helps fishermen in Sur

Muscat - 

Oman LNG inked three implementation agreements with the Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources to support establishing fishermen loading jetty at Al Barr, founding protection wall and walkway at Al Aija and developing outdoor playgrounds at various locations across Sur.

The support by the country’s liquefied natural gas flagship has broadened the company’s robust efforts that subsume many facets of daily life under its social investment umbrella to improve the quality of life for people in the sultanate.

Renowned for its fishing activities, Sur is believed to have an estimated 3,000 inhabitants involved in fish trade, often drawing buyers from locations outside the South Sharqiyah governorate. By the first agreement, the company will fund construction of fishermen jetty facilities in the Al Barr area in Sur, which will provide easier access to fishermen unloading their daily catch. This project aims at supporting the fishing community in Sur.

Oman's agriculture and fishing sector remains one of the crucial pillars in the government’s economic diversification efforts and is projected to increase the input of the non-petroleum industry to the country's gross domestic product in the coming years.

The second pact will see the company support construction of a walkway and a retaining wall in the north side of Al Aija, Sur. The walkway is 1,200m long, and six metres wide. The project will support a healthy lifestyle and is projected to draw an increasing number of visitors to the wilayat, which is revered for its historical and marine attractions.

The third agreement will see Oman LNG developing the ‘Harrah’ initiative, which involves establishing a football field and a playground for families in three locations in Sur in an area of approximately 1,500m2. The playground will also include equipment designed specifically to suit the disabled. The project aims to provide children and youth with ample opportunities to develop talent in an ideal environment. The additional locations will also serve as a meeting place to engage in gainful activities for the community.

The implementation agreements were signed by H E Ahmed bin Abdullah bin Mohammed al Shuhi, Minister of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources, and Sheikh Khalid bin Abdullah al Massan, chief executive officer of Oman LNG Development Foundation.

“The accords signed today affirm Oman LNG’s unremitting efforts at developing the community in various facets, which promote and upgrade social welfare for different segments of the society. This, in turn, encourages building a strong and vibrant society that values and cares for its people. These projects meanwhile support the government's efforts in economic diversification,” said Sheikh Massan.

With its involvement in the nation’s social development in many spheres of life within the country, Oman LNG has successfully created a thriving template for modeling public-private sector partnership that delivers many gains. Oman LNG has an ambitious vision and dedication towards corporate social responsibility (CSR) through the Oman LNG Development Foundation. The foundation addresses many areas of social development in Oman, but in general, comprises a Community Fund targeting initiatives related to the Sur Community where its world-class, three-train liquefaction plant is located; a National Fund that covers a wide swath of the company’s social development programmes across the nation; a Reserve Fund to address the sustainability and continuity of the company’s CSR programmes; and finally a Centre of Excellence to develop lasting CSR initiatives through partnering, knowledge sharing, funding and investments.

Oman LNG Development Foundation is a subsidiary of Oman LNG. Oman LNG operates as a joint venture with a shareholding structure comprising the Government of Oman (51 per cent), Shell Gas B V (30 per cent), Total S A (5.54 per cent), Korea LNG (5 per cent), Mitsubishi Corporation (2.77 per cent), Mitsui & Co (2.77 per cent), Partex (Oman) Corporation (2 per cent) and Itochu (0.92 per cent).

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