Oman-German TV show’s 2nd season reaches halfway mark

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As the second series of the German produced SciTech – The World Tomorrow reaches the halfway mark on Oman TV, the show's producers say interest from viewers has been high, thanks in part to the lessons learnt from airing the first series in the first half of 2012.

Among the improvements are those related to the technical aspects of filming in a hot climate and the use of social media to better connect with viewers and provide a platform for their feedback.

Described as a media cooperation between the German Federal Foreign Office and Sultanate of Oman Television, the series of 12 shows, each for a duration of half an hour, is currently being broadcast in high definition on Oman TV.

The series is non-commercial, with assistance limited to logistics and information gathering. Kathrin Seward, editor of the series, said that one of the key aims of the show was to connect better with the Omani audience through a greater emphasis on international cooperation for the second series, and to make sure to go hand in hand with Omanis from the beginning.

“Finding topics for the new season was not a problem. After the launch last year, we received many phone calls and e-mails from engineers, businessmen and students who are in some way involved in Omani-German cooperation. Frankly, we adjusted our role as filmmakers during the process; we became more or less listeners of stories and topics brought to us by people living in Oman,” said Kathrin.


“Generally, we would like to draw some attention to SciTech from the Web, because this is where we believe our young target group is. On our website and Facebook group, we not only announce screening dates, we also provide background information on the making of the material and stream additional films. Within three weeks of the launch of our Facebook group, we had 10,000 followers.”

The Omani-German production team travelled thousands of miles within the sultanate and to Europe, to rural as well as industrial sites. A total footage of 5,000 minutes was produced. Each episode explores a new subject, such as sustainable house building, public transport, tsunami prevention or current engineering projects in Oman.

The German Embassy in Muscat has also played a role in helping bring the series about, initially with the assistance of former German Ambassador Angelika Storz-Chakarji and now through the current Ambassador to Oman, H E Hans-Christian Freiherr von Reibnitz, said Kathrin.

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