Ocean economy in Oman: Making it happen

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Oman Aviation Group, an umbrella organisation to promote aviation sector, is planning a number of steps including projecting Oman as hub for cruise travellers, to provide support to the sultanate’s ocean economy.

Ocean economy is a term given to all economic activities centred around using sea-water either as a mean for transportation or production.

Speaking at the inauguration of the Ocean Economy & Future Technology Conference at the Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre (OCEC), Mustafa al Hinai, CEO of Oman Aviation Group, said that four major areas have been identified where extra efforts will be put to develop the ocean economy. The three-day event began on Monday.

Tourism, logistics, fisheries and agriculture are the key areas where aviation sector is going to put an extra effort, he said. “In enabling the blue ocean economy, aviation sector’s role is to integrate other sectors in Oman such as fisheries, agriculture, mining and a sort of addition to the value-chain which this sector can bring in the entire mechanism,” Hinai said.

He added, “In tourism sector, we are working in connecting cruise ships to the air. So, that cruise ships travelling across oceans can be stationed at ports in Oman. Thus, Oman could become a hub for cruise ships. And tourist’s transit from airports to destined ports could happen directly. This initiative will also bring positive result to Oman’s aviation sector.”

The second priority sector is logistics, for which they are working in collaboration with Asyad. Currently, aviation sector accounts for less than one per cent of the total goods transported through the sultanate. So, there is a huge potential to grow in this field, he said.

Oman Aviation Group is also working in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries. “We can extract potential benefits out of these sectors by providing them access to major markets through our network,” he said, while adding that benefits of ocean economy are not limited to fisheries alone. There are a number of products that can be derived from the sea.

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