OPWP announces second solar power project with a 500MW-1,000MW capacity

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Oman is set to launch preparations for another solar project with a capacity of 500MW to 1,000MW. Oman Power and Water Procurement Company (OPWP) has issued a Request for Proposal (RfP) for technical consultancy service for the development of the Solar 2022 Independent Power Project (IPP).

The sultanate’s first utility scale 500MW solar photovoltaic (PV) IPP, to come up in Ibri, is being developed with RfP already issued to 12 international companies and expected to be commercially operational by 2021.

In line with Oman's vision to diversify fuel resources for power generation and following the ongoing procurement of the first large utility scale PV IPP in Oman, OPWP stated, “We would now like to initiate the process for the second utility scale solar power project to be connected to the Main Interconnected System in Oman with a capacity between 500MW-1,000MW, known as Solar 2022 IPP.”

OPWP is now seeking proposals from interested bidders to provide Technical Consultancy Services for the development of the project and to advise on the competitive tendering of the project. The tender documents are available till October 15.

This is among a series of renewable energy (RE) IPP projects that are planned to achieve the government’s target of ten per cent RE share of electricity generation by 2025. OPWP’s RE development plan currently comprises solar, wind and waste-to-energy projects. OPWP plans to procure more than 2,600MW of RE IPPs by 2025.

The new capacity in solar power includes three large-scale solar PV schemes each of around 500MW capacity or more. For now, they are referred to as Solar IPP 2022, Solar IPP 2023 and Solar IPP 2024, indicating that they are slated to come on stream in the years 2022, 2023 and 2024 respectively.

According to OPWP, the locations and type of RE projects will depend on approval of transmission projects and site allocations. OPWP expects to adapt the RE development plan as site acquisition and transmission developments are approved and confirmed.

“We plan successive annual tenders of 500MW, whereas the specific solar generation technology may differ among the tenders. The
qualification process for the second tender will commence in Q4 2018, subject to confirmation of site access from the Ministry of Housing,” the company stated in its seven year statement for 2018-24.

“Future solar tenders may be for larger installed capacity levels than 500MW, depending on OPWP market assessments.”

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