OIC launches roadside assistance app

Muscat - 

Oman Insurance Company (OIC) has launched a unique mobile application called AssistPal that can help motorists report a car breakdown and get quick assistance. It was launched following the signing of a new contract between OIC and the International Travel Assistance Company (ITACO) which will provide assistance services.

According to a press release, the first-of-its-kind app is designed to give OIC’s motor customers an added level of safety and convenience on the road 24/7. “Drivers find it quite hard to explain where a car breaks down using landmarks or street names that don’t always exist,” said Haris Mylonas, executive vice president, consumer at OIC.

“AssistPal sends the vehicle's exact location via the phone’s GPS feature. Once help is on the way, drivers can track the real time location of the assigned service provider on a map,” Mylonas said.

For specific roadside assistance cases which requires human intervention, the app is seamlessly integrated with a world-class multilingual contact centre which coordinates all assistance activities from first contact to roadside repair.

The contact centre is integrated with GPS/GSM technology and geospatial mapping which enables its agents to locate the vehicle in seconds. From there, the system can instantly find out about the nearest provider helping customers get assistance within minutes of their service requests.

During the whole assistance process, the contact centre checks on progress, keeps customers informed and ensures that the vehicle is back in service as quickly as possible. “We’re really excited to work with OIC as they are forward-thinking in their approach to Customer Service Experience,” said Omar Javier, managing director, ITACO.

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