Not responsible for Ibra incident: PAEW

Muscat - 

The Public Authority for Electricity and Water (PAEW) in a statement has clarified that it does not carry any responsibility for the incident that happened in the wilayat of Ibra. It said that the full responsibility falls in the hands of the contracting company that had removed the beams that support and hold the dirt from collapsing under the pipeline.

‘This incident was a result of the contracting company not taking precautions and not committing to the rules and safety regulations issued by PAEW. The ground collapsed under the pipeline and resulted in the pipeline to separate at one of the joints which caused the hole to fill with large amounts of water which resulted in a number of damages,’ the statement read.

PAEW has also notified that the contracting company is not allowed to proceed with any construction without its approval and that all constructions must conform to the rules and regulations issued by it to prevent any underground water leakage and to keep the workers and property safe.

The statement issued is in reference to the death of a worker who died after a sewage pipeline burst on April 18.

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