NSSG and Datamount sign strategic cooperation agreement

Muscat - 

National Security Services Group (NSSG), Oman’s leading cybersecurity firm, has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Datamount, the largest and the only tier 4 data centre and data hosting services company in Oman. 

The MoU establishes a general framework for collaboration between NSSG and Datamount to promote each other’s services. The agreement also stipulates a framework for NSSG to act as a cybersecurity arm of Datamount.

Talal al Zubair, founder and CEO of the NSSG, and Dr Tahir al Kindi, chairman of Datamount, signed the agreement recently at the headquarters of the NSSG in Muscat. Zubair said, “This collaboration endorses many potential opportunities for both companies. The agreement aims at leveraging synergies between the two organisations, especially promoting cooperation on cybersecurity and data hosting. It will focus on other areas of cooperation identified as mutually important for both the organisations.”

He added, “As a robust cybersecurity firm, the NSSG leads the market through its innovative offerings, range of proprietary products and services. We assist organisations migrate from the traditional analogue world to the digital world, and our goal is to make the integrity and resilience of our clients robust.

“The NSSG is your one-stop healthcare centre for all cybersecurity needs in Oman; we aim to not only be a trusted partner but a companion in Oman’s digital journey and ensure that the country remains digitally resilient.”

Abdul Hakeem al Musalhi from Datamount said, “We are pleased to be working with NSSG, a leader among cybersecurity companies offering comprehensive security services to its clients. Solid partnerships remain key to navigating the increasingly complex cyber terrain. This agreement shall foster to augment and complement the range of offerings such as cybersecurity services, data hosting, and cloud services for both parties to optimise.”

He added, “Datamount is delighted to meet the ever-increasing demand of Omani companies by hosting their critical IT infrastructure and data securely inside the country.”

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