Muscat ranks seventh in Arab world in Global Cities Index

Muscat - 

Muscat has been ranked seventh in the Arab world and 106 globally in the Global Cities Index 2017 issued by AT Kearney International, a Chicago-based consulting firm. San Francisco topped the index of global cities outlook, followed by New York, Paris, London, Boston and Melbourne.

The Global Cities Index monitors the most important cities in terms of economic development, governance and increase in the number of business incubators, innovations and improvements in infrastructure and attracting foreign direct investment.

The leading cities in this indicator represent those cities that will make big strides in the coming years given the current changes. The index also ranked Muscat as one of the 128 most important cities in the world in 2017.

The other cities in the list includes New York, London, Paris, Tokyo and Hong Kong. This indicator measures the development in many areas, such as business activity, cultural experience, information exchange, political engagement, decision-making and human capital.

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