Muscat Festival committee conducts visitors’ survey

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The Muscat Festival Organising Committee conducted a survey at both its festival venues – Amerat Park and Naseem Gardens to get visitors’ feedback. Visitors were asked their views and experiences on different aspects of the festival.

Questions posed to the visitors included festival timings, parking facilities, accessibility of the entrances to the festival venues, the location of the stalls, fun rides, security and food quality amongst others. A Muscat Municipality official said, “This survey was a practical method of assessing visitor satisfaction. It is important for Muscat Festival Organising Committee to monitor and evaluate visitor satisfaction in order to understand and identify the needs and perceptions of visitors. This will in turn help the organisers improve and produce better results in the next festival leading to higher visitor satisfaction.”

Ahmed al Sumri, an official who was part of the survey at the festival site in Amerat Park said, “We had been hired by the Muscat Festival Organising Committee to help carry out the survey. Our survey questions were aimed at evaluating current levels of satisfaction of festival attendees. The questions included different aspects of the festival.”

From the festival timings to the parking facilities, the visitors were quizzed about different things. “Some of the questions included, how the entrances to the festival were; whether the stalls were located in the right place; if the visitors were happy with the food quality, rides and the security of the festival venue.

“The visitors could even suggest their opinion and also rate the satisfaction as Good, Very Good, Happy, Not Satisfied amongst others. The idea was to look at ways to improve the festival next year. It is the visitors who are the key to the success of the festival,” Sumri said. A visitor who undertook the survey at Amerat Park during the festival, Varsha Mangesh said, “I am happy that they are doing this survey. This will help them improve and bring in those elements that will increase footfall.”

She added, “A lot of money goes into organising such festivals. Visitor satisfaction is important for the success. This also gives a feeling that the organisers care for the festival visitors and public has a say in the festival.”

Appreciating the feedback exercise, Sherine Alexander, another visitor to one of the festival venues said, “When we were having our food, a young boy came to us and asked some questions related to the festival. We have never heard of such surveys at similar events in our countries. This is a good exercise and must be practised every year. After all, we have foreign visitors too at the festival.” The month-long festival concluded on February 9.

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