Municipality ropes in students to safeguard environment

Muscat - 

With a view to spread health and environmental awareness and to reduce negative phenomena seen frequently in Muscat governorate, the Health Affairs and Community Partnership Department of Muscat Municipality carried out a number of awareness programmes for school students in the governorate.

The initiatives were intended to instil ethics and morals of maintaining the environment, health and public properties into students’ minds.

In one of the campaigns, an official from the Health Affairs and Community Partnership Department accompanied students of Ahmed al Numan al Kaabi Basic School (5-10) in an inspection to a commercial centre in the wilayat of Seeb.

An awareness dialogue was also implemented in Hafs bin Asim School (10-12) holding discussion sessions on various topics including preserving public hygiene and the environment and maintaining public utilities.

Such initiatives came after the municipality decision to involve school students in combating negative phenomena as they will be the new generation living in Muscat ahead.

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