Motorists urged to avoid speeding even when roads are empty at iftar time

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Officials from across organisations have urged motorists to be cautious, plan their day well to avoid speeding for iftar during Ramadan. ROP too has increased patrolling to check road accidents that are usually on the rise during the holy month.

“People should keep track of the timing to break fast and make sure they finish their work in time for iftar. There is no need to rush. It is better to reach your destination late than never,” said an ROP official. Ali al Barwani, CEO, Oman Road Safety Association (ORSA) urged drivers to keep calm and avoid speeding even when the roads are empty especially just before iftar.

“We launched the ‘Slow Down Oman’ campaign, inspired by the United Nations #SlowDown initiative from May 8 to 14. We thought it was not enough and so we have decided to continue it till the end of Ramadan,” Barwani told Muscat Daily.

The campaign aims to highlight the importance of speed management, Barwani said.
“We cannot hide the fact that a lot of accidents happen during this time. Through this campaign, we want to advise people to drive slow and avoid rushing to break fast. People tend to be tired and so drive fast. There is a need to plan our journey well so that we reach home safe,” he added. Time management too is a key to avoid accidents. Safety should be the priority, said Barwani.

“Motorists must realise that people waiting for them will understand. Time management is important and so leave early with enough time in hand if you want to reach your destination on time.” The situation gets worse if Ramadan is during summers, said some commuters. “Many of my fellow drivers lack road etiquettes. There is no need to rush for iftar. If you are getting late it is better to stop and break your fast than speed and risk your life,” said Salim al Tauqi.

Tauqi added, “I was nearly hit by a car speeding behind me recently during iftar time. I honked to warn him as I was too scared. People should be considerate and think before risking other’s lives.”

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