MoH says measles vaccination to continue till September 30

Muscat - 

The Ministry of Health (MoH) has said that those who have missed out on the vaccine under the National Measles Immunisation Campaign (NMIC) can still visit its primary healthcare centres till September 30.

The ministry on Sunday announced the successful completion of the September 10-16 campaign. It said that 78.2 per cent of the target group (20-35 years) took the vaccine during this period.

It said that those who are yet to get the jab can still get it at its primary healthcare centres for free. “The ministry calls upon all those in the age group (20-35 years) who are yet to get the vaccine to get it done no later than September 30.”

According to MoH’s preliminary data, 78.2 per cent of the target population was covered in the seven-day period.

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A total of 1,250,455 people have been vaccinated among the target group of 1,599,814 across the country excluding Al Wusta and Dhofar governorates.

South Batinah registered the highest turnout at 93.8 per cent, followed by Musandam at 92.5 per cent, Dhahirah at 91 per cent, Dakhliyah at 90.1 per cent, Buraimi at 87.5 per cent, North Sharqiyah at 86.7 per cent, North Batinah at 85.8 per cent, South Sharqiyah at 80.4 per cent, while Muscat stood at 63.8 per cent.

MoH will reveal the final data in the next two days.

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