MoAF to install towing machines in Batinah

Muscat - 

To support fishermen, the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries (MoAF) plans to provide 21 towing machines for fishing boats in North and South Batinah.

An official at MoAF said, “The project aims to install 21 towing machines to help fishing boats. These machines are operated by the hydraulic system with towing power of 2.5 tonnes per boat.”

He added, “The project team conducted field visits to coastal towns in North and South Batinah and met with fishermen and specialists to identify the project and determine the locations of the towing machines installation in each state.

“The fishermen are relying on the traditional way of pulling a fishing boat but the new project will save time and effort for the fishermen while maintaining the quality of fish.” After the completion of installation of towing machines, the ministry will train 80 fishermen, the official said.

“They will be trained in the use and maintenance of the machine periodically to ensure that it continues to serve the fishermen in the area,” the MoAF official said.

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