MoAF regulates export of fish, local supply

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The Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries (MoAF) seeks to strike a balance between the marketing and export of fishery products through cooperation and coordination with fish processing companies. 

This is part of MoAF’s annual marketing programme for fishery products in the sultanate. Dr Redha Omran, director general of Marketing and Fish Investment at MoAF said, “The ministry carried out the annual marketing programme for fishery products in local markets from May 5 to 8.

“The marketing programme was carried out at a time when fish landing reduces due to the onset of summer resulting in less supply to local markets.”

He added, “The ministry coordinates with relevant authorities to ensure that high quality fishery products - both fresh and frozen - continue to reach consumers by monitoring the companies operating in the field of fish production, marketing and operations.”

He said specialists in the ministry are working in coordination with the companies through the annual programme. “The programme requires companies to supply fish according to the needs of the local market.

“The ministry also regulates fish exports and determines their types to ensure a balance between exports and the needs of the local market keeping consumers’ interests in mind.” Dr Omran said that the ministry also works to provide sufficient quantities of fish in local markets at affordable prices.

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