Missing Indian worker found at Salalah mosque

Muscat - 

An Indian worker who had been missing for more than two months from his camp in Ghala has been found in Salalah. Muscat Daily had reported about the worker on March 6.

Ashutosh Dhal, 28, from the eastern Indian state of Odisha was spotted at a mosque in Salalah. He was seen by some workers of the company Dhal is employed with.

They contacted Dhal’s friend Binod Bihari Parida who is based in Muscat. Parida had been following up his case with the Indian Embassy in Muscat and other organisations.

Speaking to Muscat Daily, Parida said, “When I heard from a worker about a man who resembled Ashutosh, I asked the worker to immediately send a photograph through WhatsApp. That is when I realised it was Ashutosh. I asked the worker to pass the phone to Ashutosh and I spoke to him. He is fine but seems very stressed.”

When Muscat Daily contacted Dhal, he said, “I was threatened by some people. So I took a bus and just left the city. I came to Salalah and loitered for days without proper food until I got a shelter at a mosque. I am desperate to return to India and meet my family.“
Parida had also tweeted to Sushma Swaraj, India’s External Affairs Minister seeking her help and had registered a complaint with the Indian Embassy in Muscat.

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