Ministry of Tourism sets up mobile toilets, information centres in Dhofar

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The Ministry of Tourism (MoT) has done its best to ensure that all facilities and roads in Dhofar are ready for the khareef season. The ministry has set up 24 mobile toilets, four tourist information centres and a number of awareness and direction boards.

Speaking to Muscat Daily, Marhoon Said al Amri, director general of tourism, said, “The tourist sites are ready and they look better than in the previous year thanks to the heavy rain the governorate witnessed due to Cyclone Mekunu. The governorate has already started attracting a lot of visitors.”

mobile toilets- Marhoon

He added, “The ministry has provided many services to the visitors of Salalah, such as 24 mobile toilets and four tourist information centres. The mobile toilets consist of five bathrooms, one of which is for the disabled. They operate around the day and are cleaned every eight hours.”

The mobile toilets have been set up in several places and areas such as Tawi Atayr, Taqah beach, Nashib roundabout, Ain Hamran, Mirbat fort, Jebel Samhan, Aftaalqut 1, Aftaalqut 2, Mughsayl 1 and Mughsayl 2.

The tourist information centres are located at Salalah Airport, Harit al Bari Centre, Salalah Tourism Festival Centre and Salalah Gardens Mall. The khareef season officially began on June 21 and will conclude on September 21. “I call on visitors to keep these places clean and adhere to the guidelines displayed at different places. There is a hotline for emergency calls, 1771, and you also have the WatsApp number 91484042 of Dhofar Municipality.”

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