Meshan Dates and Sweets opens new sales outlet

Muscat - 

Meshan Dates and Sweets opened its new sales outlet and coffee shop under the patronage of H E Dr Ali bin Masoud bin Ali al Sunaidy, Minister of Commerce and Industry, as it expands its business in the local Omani market. 

The ceremony was held in the presence of a number of government officials and reputable business people including entrepreneurs and supporters of small enterprises.

This step is in conformity with the objectives drawn by Meshan and its strategy for commercial expansion in response to the requirements of the market and sales volume recently achieved.

The four sisters; Wafa, Shatha, Ahed and Waed al Jabri have announced, at the very beginning of the start of their project, their firm and ambitious desire to position Meshan as market leader in the field of Omani dates and sweets. After four years in the small enterprises arena, they proudly succeed in opening a new commercial outlet which is new and different in its design, vision and internal structuring.

The new shop reflects the spirit of innovation and creativity found in Meshan’s various products, while maintaining its authenticity and adopted philosophy.

Today, Meshan presents a new model of a shop and café that offers pastries with Omani and oriental flavours, thus standing out with its unique features amongst other brands in the local market.

Its contemporary atmosphere highlighted through the café space blends between the fragrance of the past and the elegance of modernity.

The sisters benefited from the various opportunities and experiences made available by the Public Authority for Small and Medium Enterprises Development (Riyada), and Al Rafd Fund.

Two years ago, Meshan joined Zubair Small Enterprises Centre (Zubair SEC) and shortly after won Zubair SEC’s Direct Support Programme, which provided Meshan the opportunity to take advantage of the intensive strategic, technical, administrative, financial and legal advisory services made available by the centre to enable entrepreneurs to grow and overcome any obstacles in their way for development.

Khalid Muhammad al Zubair, managing director of The Zubair Corporation, said, “Today we have a successful example of Omani women entrepreneurs who were able to prove themselves in the private sector. Their determination and will were evident as they developed themselves and skills, learned from the experiences of others, and invested in real opportunities to build their project.”

During the launch ceremony, Shatha gave an introduction on the new marketing plan for the company and the approach followed in marketing and promotion to align with the new launch of the new outlet; a clear indication of sophistication, creativity and persistence to achieve success.

Shatha said, “In the new outlet we offer new and different but more holistic vision and concept of dates and sweets products.”

She added, “Our customers will find a variety of sophistication, creativity and innovation in the Omani date sweets suitable for various occasions and in different shapes and sizes to suit the taste of all. The new outlet will be the first new start for us to expand our business through a balance of innovation and originality derived from the Omani sweets.”

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