Meet discusses Omanisation in manufacturing sector

Muscat - 

The recruitment follow-up team of the manufacturing sector held a meeting with 41 companies which have not yet complied with the Omanisation ratio. 

The team discussed with them importance of utilising Omani skills at various job levels without limiting them to the lowest level. The recruitment follow-up team was formed under the Ministerial Decision No 55/2019 with the chairmanship of the director general of industries with representation from various other concerned organisations of the sector. They include Ministry of Manpower, Public Establishment for Industrial Estates (PEIE), support implementation and follow-up units as well as Oman Industrialists Association.

Eng Sami bin Salem al Saheb, director general of industries and chairman of the technical team for the follow-up of employment in the manufacturing sector, said, “Recently, a team was formed to follow up the Omanisation plans proposed by the companies, including at the jobs proposed for direct recruitment and recruitment post training and replacement plan. The team will analyse the proposals of the industrial establishments to look into the challenges being faced by them and would work to solve them. It will also follow up the work and commitment of the companies in terms of Omanisation.”

The head of the recruitment follow-up team of the manufacturing sector said that the team had to survey all the career opportunities currently available and agree upon opportunities expected for Omanis in the manufacturing sector. This is through meetings and discussions with the industrial establishments about their plans for Omanisation and recruitments so far as well as following up of the industrial establishments which come under the umbrella of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry in regards with compliance with recruitment plans.

He added, "About the availability of the appropriate national skills, the team will discuss these requirements with the National Training Fund to train Omanis to work in the industrial sector. The team will also look into the opportunities of replacements in economic projects. The team will also analyse the challenges arising due to matching the recruitment and work data with the Ministry of Manpower and the National Centre for Statistics and Information. It will work to update them and unify all these information. The team will also study and determine the challenges in the way of recruitment and replacement in the sector. It will also give proposals to make the sector more attractive.”

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