Majan University College part of ‘Neymar Jr’s Five’ competition

Muscat - 

Earlier this year, 207 football teams from across Oman battled their way to the national final of the ‘Neymar Jr’s Five’ football competition organised by Red Bull. They all hoped to win the tournament and then go on to represent Oman in the international competition in July.

Majan University College’s football team not only won the final, but also won every single match they played throughout the competition. Now, they have the opportunity to play against other world-class teams in the final which will be held on July 5 in the Neymar Junior Institute in Santos, Brazil. This will be the second year running that Majan University College’s team has had the honour of representing the country in this competition.

‘Neymar Jr’s Five’ football competition doesn’t follow traditional rules, but has a twist. You start with five players, but when the opposing team scores a goal your team loses a player. This continues until all the players on one team are out of the game or until the time has run out, at which point the team with the highest score wins.

Dr Maha Kobeil, dean of Majan University College, said, “I am very pleased and proud about this great accomplishment. I am sure that the Majan College team will represent the country, the college and themselves with distinction. We would like to thank the Ministry of Sports Affairs and the Oman Committee for University Sport for their support and for helping sponsor the trip to make the students’ dreams a reality. The team’s achievement highlights the college’s commitment to sports and extracurricular activities, with our prime focus on excellence in academic affairs.”

Coach Safwan, who runs all sporting activities at Majan University College, said, “This is one of the most important championships at the university level in Oman. It gives the players great experience in competing at a high level and has therefore enabled our players to develop their skills. Our team is ready to compete in this international tournament.”

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