Majan University College organises leadership training event for Indian schools

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As part of its corporate social responsibility programme, Majan College organised a youth development event entitled ‘Mpower’ at its Darsait campus. For the previous event, in June, the first group of students was from Indian schools from the capital area, but this time it was for regional Indian schools from Ibri, Salalah, Sohar, Ibra, Muladha and Nizwa.

The objective of the event was to enable young people to discover their true potential, and to focus on leadership skills, problem solving, team building and communication. In line with a ‘catch them young’ approach, Majan University College realises the importance of discovering leadership skills early in a person’s life and hence the target group were high school students.

The sessions included topics such Unlock your Leadership Potential providing students with a deep awareness about their own leadership potential and style; High Impact Leaders enabling the students to learn about key competencies of high impact leaders; Solving Problems through Creative Thinking, helping students think outside the box when seeking solutions; The Art and Science of Team Building through which students learned how to apply emotional intelligence in designing and building teams and Poetry Reinvented, where the students learned the ethical values, thinking patterns and mindset of a leader through emotional intelligence.

The training was conducted by Dr Tahseen Arshi, director of Studies in the Faculty of Business Management, and Dr Tulika Mishra, assistant professor in the Faculty of English Language Studies, who engaged students through activities, quizzes and discussion forums. The new Google Chromelab at Majan College proved to be an excellent venue to enthuse the students with the use of technology and latest Google apps, which they found quite interesting and innovative.

One of the College’s Associate Deans, Dr Brian Poole, also interacted with the participants and helped them recognise the importance of lifelong learning. The dean of the college, Dr Maha Kobeil, addressed the participants after the workshop and distributed gifts and certificates. The students’ feedback showed that they found the session valuable, and they also said that they hoped one day their schools would have similar labs and methods of teaching to the ones they encountered at Majan University College.

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