Japanese anime filmmaker gives tips on popular art form

Muscat - 

Osamu Kobayashi, a noted Japanese anime filmmaker, provided tips on various stages of the art form at a day-long workshop held at the Japanese Embassy in Muscat on Monday.

Anime is a form of Japanese hand-drawn or computer animation which has grown popular around the world.

Forty students from the Scientific College of Design and Caledonian College of Engineering besides animation enthusiasts took tips on the subject.

Introducing the filmmaker,

Hirofumi Murabayashi, deputy head of mission, Embassy of Japan, said, “Anime is a new form of art and quite popular around the world. Osamu Kobayashi is one of Japan’s most experienced anime directors. He has worked on several anime productions as a director and is a known animator and an illustrator. He is well known for his anime productions such as Beck, Paradise Kiss, Someday’s Dreamers among others.”


Murabayashi said that Kobayashi’s visit to Oman was supported by Japan Foundation that takes initiative to spread cultural ties. “He arrived from Saudi Arabia and is scheduled to visit Egypt after Oman leg of the trip.”

Kobayashi spoke on how a sketch is drawn, scanned and then converted into animation. He said, “One of the main features of animation like movies is the composition. After that, one must pay attention to the colour and voiceovers.” One of the participants said, “It was interesting to see how a set of ten or 15 drawings creates a dancing man, a hen or a superhero.”

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