Isolated rains likely from tomorrow

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Thunderstorms over central Saudi Arabia and Iran over next couple of days are likely to bring isolated rains from Friday in Oman, extending over the next three days. According to AccuWeather, central Saudi Arabia and Iran will witness isolated thunderstorms over the next couple of days. 

“Trough can lead to numerous showers and storms over the mountains of Iran, Sarawat and Hijaz mountains of Saudi Arabia, the UAE and eastern Oman this weekend into Tuesday,” said Jason Nicholls, senior meteorologist and international forecasting manager at AccuWeather.

According to weather forecaster Sat24, isolated rains are likely in Oman starting from Friday, and getting more pronounced over the next three days.

The Directorate General of Meteorology in its forecast for May 16 and 17 stated that clear skies were expected over most of the sultanate with advection of high and medium clouds. “There are chances of late night to early morning low-level clouds along most of the coastal areas of the sultanate as well as chances of dust rising winds over desert and open area,” the Met office stated.

“The winds along the coastal areas of Sea of Oman will be northeasterly light to moderate during day, becoming light during night and southerly to southwesterly moderate along the coastal areas of Arabian Sea. While it will be northwesterly light to moderate over the rest of the sultanate.” The sea state is expected to be rough along the coastal areas with maximum wave height of 3m and moderate along rest of the coasts.

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