Ingenuity, perfection from the shadow of disabilities

Muscat - 

The ingenuity and perfection in the products displayed at the stall put up by youth from the Al Malath Rehabilitation Center in Naseem Gardens are beyond words. The popularity of the stall was also visible in the number of visitors it got every day. 

According to Sabra bin Ammar, manager of Al Malath Rehabilitation Center said their centre seeks to promote the unique abilities of disabled youth who find it difficult otherwise to find a platform and connect directly with the public.


“Al Malath Rehabilitation Centre was formed in 2015 and it currently has about 35 disabled youth. While some have hearing disabilities others have autism spectrum disorder. Through the Muscat Festival we are trying to show the world the varied talents of these people.” From rehabilitation to training, the Al Malath Rehabilitation Center provides a range of training programmes for both males and females so that they can be integrated into the society.

“There are workshops for females which include, tailoring, handicrafts and accessories making. Workshops for males include carpentry, upholstery work, thermal printing, small business management and poultry farming. Our workshops focus on developing the talents of these disabled youth and encourages them to be useful in society. The training courses vary from six months to three years,” said Sabra.

The centre mainly markets and sell products made by these youth and also gives them some remuneration every month. “We also help these youth get jobs with government and private institutions after the training periods,” said Sabra.

Sabra said it is a task convincing the society and parents of these youth to give them a chance and prove themselves. “Some private companies are afraid to hire them. It is also a task to market the products made by these youth because people look at it with prejudice. Some parents too find it difficult to believe in their children.”

The centre is also working to spread awareness. “The Ministry of Social Development helps us provide experts who help these youth to understand and hone their talents. I am thankful to the municipality for giving us the opportunity to participate in Muscat Festival and promote their products to a global audience,” said Sabra.

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