Impact Integrated platform launched to support innovative entrepreneurship

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Oman now has a platform for developing and nurturing entrepreneurship in a unique way and this will be done through a newly formed company called Impact Integrated. The entrepreneurship platform was inaugurated on Tuesday evening at The Chedi Muscat.

Impact Integrated is a consortium of young Omani start-ups that are specialised in innovation. Its objective is to assist corporates and individuals by creating a fully-equipped centre that provides support in innovation of entrepreneurs, from the start of an idea to a fully established company using technology.

“Impact Integrated is a consultancy company that offers three types of services and the purpose of these services is to help us build the positive impact and legacy in the community.

“We want to innovate the way we bring our teams up to speed with technology through different studios,” Khalid Alsafi al Haribi, founder and managing director, Impact Integrated, told Muscat Daily.


Impact Integrated

He said there are four types of studios. “The first one is what the organisation offers. The second one is who the organisation serves and the third type is innovating how the organisation serves people and the last is where the organisation serves. All studios focus on people and how they become innovative,” Haribi said.

The company also offers the service of innovative strategy and implementation plans.

“If you choose to do all four studios together, it becomes an innovative plan that ensures strategies are not locked in your drawers,” he added.

The other service is the insights. “We provide what is called proactive data analytics. This is about not prescribing the historic data but telling you what do the data need to do to comply with future national development plans of Oman. How to plan your programmes according to where you want to go and not where you have been,” Haribi said.

He said studios means there is a need for a focus. “We want each organisation to have 10x voice box called Salalah that is dedicated to creating new ideas. We are mainly targeting all the corporates with mandate to create value for the national economy. These include their social investments programmes, CSR programmes and in-country value programmes. In the long-term, we are targeting people and individuals who are looking to find the right opportunity on what kind of data needed to establish a businesses,” he said.

According to Haribi, the services offered will be done through a 10xStudio tools created as per specific needs. 10xStudio is a full-service digital boutique to support companies of all sizes through their digital journey.

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