INS Tarangini, Shabab Oman to sail together

Muscat - 

The Indian Navy’s Sail Training Ship Tarangini is scheduled to arrive at Port Sultan Qaboos, Muscat, on November 22 to participate in a joint sailing voyage with RNO vessel Shabab Oman.

The joint voyage from Muscat to Kochi has been planned as part of the year-long celebrations to commemorate 60 years of diplomatic relations between India and Oman.

India’s relations with Oman are not decades or centuries old. They are traced back to several millennia, including links during the Indus Valley Civilisation of Harappa and Mohenjo-daro. It is believed that it was only with the help of a Omani national, Vasco da Gama was able to reach Indian port of Calicut. The maritime links between India and Oman have been an integral part of the ancient spice route linking India to the world.

Since the establishment of diplomatic relations in 1955, India’s age old ties with Oman have flourished and evolved into a strategic partnership, which both the countries cherish and are committed to expand further. Defence cooperation and exchanges have emerged as an important facet of this partnership.   

INS Tarangini was commissioned into Indian Navy on November 11, 1997. The ship is a three masted barque built in Goa Shipyard Ltd. The ship is commanded by Deepak Subramanian and has a permanent crew of seven officers, 41 sailors and 30 trainee officers. The primary role of this ship is to foster time honoured virtues of courage, camaraderie, endurance and espirit-de-corps in sea trainees embarking the ship.

INS Tarangini has been sailing for over seven months and left Kochi in April 2015 with the aim to promote safe maritime environment and to further enhance diplomatic relations between India and 13 countries that she has visited. In this journey of hers, Tarangini has entered 17 ports in 13 countries. It has travelled over 17,000 nautical miles sailing through the Arabian Sea, Red Sea, Mediterranean Sea and North Sea.

The ship has had to battle numerous cyclones in order to reach her final and most important destination – Port Sultan Qaboos - so as to be able to proudly sail with RNO’s majestic sail ship Shabab Oman to India.

The joint voyage will be flagged off on Nov 24 in a grand ceremony and will involve numerous Indian and Omani/naval dignitaries. Both ships are scheduled to enter Kochi on December 4.

This joint voyage between the two countries will trace the ancient trade routes followed by Omani and Indian sailors. It would also allow the sea trainees of the two countries to imbibe best practices from each other.

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