Haya Water concludes competition on environmental awareness

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Haya Water has concluded the ‘Together we make Oman greener and healthier’ competition, which aims to establish environmental awareness among students and involve them in the implementation of the wastewater project that serves individuals as well as the society.

The competition was recently organised by Haya Water in cooperation with the Ministry of Education represented by the General Directorate of Schools at Oman Convention and Exhibition Centre.

The event was held under the auspices of Intisar bint Abdullah al Wahaibi, vice chairman of Haya Water, and in the presence of Eng Hussain bin Hassan AbdulHussain, CEO of Haya Water, and Fatima Noorani, director general of the General Directorate of Private Schools.

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Intisar said, “Today, we have seen special and meaningful artistic works carried out by private school students. I believe that such competitions will contribute to creating a society that is conscious and aware of the importance of the environment and this is the primary goal that Haya Water is working to achieve. This competition will also contribute to the promotion of environmental and health awareness among students and define real partnerships with different groups of the society, which is the goal that we all seek.”

Eng AbdulHussain said, “Haya is proud to carry out this important competition which shaped the principle of partnership between Haya Water and Ministry of Education represented by the General Directorate of Private Schools. We hope that this competition will achieve its objectives including the involvement of the youth in order to inculcate the importance of preserving the environment and raising their awareness about Haya's vital role to protect groundwater and reduce environmental pollution. I would also like to thank the organisers of this competition from Haya Water, Ministry of Education and the Omani Society for Fine Arts.”

Fifteen private schools and 70 participants were part of this competition. The competition consisted of seven stages. Muntah bint Ali bin Othman al Khadouri from Al Wattaya Private School won the first place. The second place went to Muneer bin Fareed al Hooti from Oman International School; the third place went to Iman bint Khamis al Kindi from United Schools - Al Muna branch.

Eng Salem bin Awad al Rubkhi, Government Affairs Manager at Haya Water, said, “Haya Water has always paid special attention to social responsibility and made it an integral part of its plans and programmes.”

Nabil bin Abdullah bin Rashid al Khanbashi, director of the Supervision and Evaluation Department at the Ministry of Education, said, “Since the private sector is an important factor in supporting these educational activities, Haya Water has established a real partnership with the educational field in Oman through this competition. This states Haya’s belief of the importance of unleashing wider areas of creativity in our students.”

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