HSBC Oman holds meet for its HTS employees

Muscat - 

The technology and services (HTS) department of HSBC Bank Oman recently held its first town hall meeting at the City Seasons Hotel in Muscat, which saw over 200 staff from all HTS functions across the sultanate participating.

Underscoring the power of change, the newly appointed chief operating officer, Peter Davies, kept the audience engaged during a lively and interactive presentation.

A number of pertinent questions were raised on a wide range of issues affecting staff from training and communication to remuneration, promotions and job rotation.  

“Change can be perceived as negative but it is a powerful and inspiring process that can bring about a multitude of opportunities for growth and development if harnessed correctly,” said Davies.

“This was the underlying premise of the meeting. We want our staff to be fully empowered and engaged so that together we can march to the same beat of the drum towards sustained operational and service excellence.

"The event was well-received and judging by the response, everyone is looking forward to the next gathering.”

As the engine room for HSBC, HTS is currently working around the clock to enhance operational efficiency, streamline processes and integrate systems to improve the customer experience as the integration of Oman International Bank (OIB) and HSBC continues on schedule.

In addition, the department is responsible for providing reliable and secure customer services, operational process excellence, change delivery and business re-engineering, software and service delivery innovation in addition to procurement and corporate real estate management.

HSBC Bank Oman combines OIB’s vast branch and ATM network across the sultanate with HSBC’s extensive international connectivity and global expertise.

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