GUtech Conference and Exhibition Hall wins international honour

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The Conference and Exhibition Hall at GUtech introduces itself by becoming one of the listed winners of the World Architecture Community Awards 2017.

The first-of-its-kind project designed and supervised by Hoehler + AlSalmy (H+S) establishes Omani architecture at an international level and gains a well-deserved reputation for the company. The project was a clear winner being one of the ten selected projects by the WA Awards Jury, receiving community members’ votes and being one of the selected five out of many projects in the Realised category. The project competed against a wide range of international projects from 17 different countries, from Lithuania, India and Brazil to Japan, Oman, Iran and the US. H+S is proud to once again put Oman on the international architecture and design scene, owing to their ability to create prominent buildings that standout from the rest.

The sophisticated design of the Conference and Exhibition Hall is divided into two sections; the external standalone mashrabiya is a concrete latticework shell in housing the gallery area of the internal building.

The inside structure is elevated on a platform with the overall structural design transforming from thick to thin due to the direction of the sun, so as to help temperature control as well as add to the architectural significance of the building. An inclined internal surface is incorporated in line with the sun and wind direction as an additional temperature control element.

The building is located at German University of Technology Oman (GUtech), another one of Hoehler + AlSalmy’s unique and distinguished designs creating an evident visual impact on the architectural pattern of its immediate surroundings, and therefore rejuvenating the area and becoming an outstanding landmark and kernel for the cultural and economic development of the project's location. The extravagant lighting on the façade hall is an additional attraction creating a picturesque view.

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