Family of three killed in Ibra after car hits camel

Muscat - 

An Omani family of three was killed and three other passengers injured after the vehicle in which they were travelling hit a camel in Ibra on Saturday evening. According to ROP, two Bangladeshi expatriates were also killed in separate accidents.

The first accident took place on the highway in Muqibra when a man, his wife, their two year old son and three other passengers were travelling from the wilayat of Mudhaibi to Ibra, according to an ROP statement.

A camel crossing the road took the driver by surprise and he collided with it, causing him to lose control over the vehicle. The vehicle then crashed into a fixed object on the opposite side of the road, killing the family. The remaining passengers sustained moderate to serious injuries.

In the second accident, a motorist ran over a Bangladeshi man who was crossing the road at Sarooj.

Another Bangladeshi was killed in a similar accident as he was crossing the road near the Sharqiyah flyover. He was hit by a man driving from Nizwa to Muscat, the ROP said in the statement.

The ROP has urged motorists to reduce speed and apply brakes gradually. Pedestrians are urged to cross roads only at designated spots.

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