Excavations in Mudhaibi find copper production workshops

Muscat - 

The Ministry of Heritage and Culture (MHC), in cooperation with a delegation from the Germany University of Tubingen, began surveying and excavation works at Al Khashbah site in the wilayat of Mudhaibi for the third season.

The site dates back to the third millennium BC. It is related to the extraction and production of copper. The surveying work and archaeological excavations began in 2015. Many sites and stone towers in the villages and towns of the Governorate of North Sharqiyah were discovered and documented, in addition to mud and stone buildings.


The analysis of carbon-14 dating on the excavated samples reveal that the sites belong to 3100 BC (Hafeet period). Excavations in one of the stone towers indicated that it was the oldest tower during the Bronze Age in Oman. The mission found what is believed to be the oldest copper production workshops.


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