Electronic passports are a must to enter Oman: ROP

Muscat - 

The ROP has said an electronic or machine-readable passport is a must for anyone planning to visit Oman for work or travel purposes. Lt Col Hilal bin Said al Wahaibi, director of residences department in the Directorate General of Passports and Residences, said, “Any person wishing to visit or work in Oman must have an electronic passport.”

He added that as per the UN's International Civil Aviation Organization guidelines all countries must issue electronic passports to comply with the new travel requirements. “There are, however, some countries who still issue hand-written passports.”

Lt Col Hilal bin Said al Wahaibi

Regarding violation of the Foreign Residency Law, Lt Col Wahaibi said, “Chapter 10 of the law states that these include any expatriate staying in Oman illegally, submitting incorrect documents to obtain any kind of visa, delaying the renewal of visa during the prescribed period due to negligence and the inability of the employer to report about the employee in case he is absconding.”

He said that the violator is referred to the Public Prosecution to complete the legal proceedings or allowed to settle the matter after paying fine.

“If the expatriate does not renew the visa during the specified legal period, he will be subject to fine. This can be avoided if the expatriate and the employer ensure the renewal of visa during the prescribed period to avoid fine and legal proceedings.”

He said that the ROP provides up-to-date services at all its branches to serve citizens, residents and companies.

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