ESO campaign removes 190 tonnes of waste from Masirah Island

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Working to ensure that Oman’s natural heritage remains intact for future generations to enjoy, the Environment Society of Oman (ESO) with the support of Renaissance Services and the US Marine Turtle Conservation Fund organised a beach clean-up campaign on Masirah Island.

Over 190 tonnes of waste mainly consisting of old fishing gear and nets, ropes and fishing lines were removed in a collaborative efforts with the Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs, Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Masirah Municipality, National Ferries Company, Ecovision, Be’ah and volunteers.


ESO campaign

“Together with our partners, ESO is committed to promoting a healthy environment for the sultanate’s wildlife to thrive. Abandoned, lost and discarded fishing gear are globally known to be a major threat to marine species such as whales, dolphins and sea turtles, and through this programme we are attempting to work with the local fishermen to provide avenues for proper disposal of fishing gear, as well as cleaning up the sea turtle nesting beaches ahead of the nesting season,” said Antonia Vegh, events and volunteer coordinator at ESO.

ESO campaign3

“Turtles, which are the most affected, are known to nest on these beaches. We have been managing turtle conservation projects on Masirah Island for over a decade, and this clean-up is just one way for us to address the various threats that they face.” The seas of the sultanate occupy an isolated corner of the Indian Ocean, where some of the world’s most varied and biologically productive waters are found.

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