Dutch eco campaigner arrives in Oman to promote zero-emission vehicles

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Dutch environmental campaigner Wiebe Wakker who is driving an electric car on a 34,000km zero-emission trip from the Netherlands to Australia has arrived in Oman. The road trip aims to popularise electric vehicles.

Wakker is driving a VW Estate which has been converted to a fully electric vehicle. The car has a range of approximately 200km per charge, produces 150kW, and has a top speed of 260kph.

Wakker started his journey in March 2016. Oman is his 23rd country and he has at least seven more to go before he ends his trip.

Speaking to Muscat Daily , Wakker said, “During the journey I have been meeting inspiring people, seeing projects, and visiting companies and events to make a documentary about sustainability.

“My goal is to find out what sustainability is and create awareness about this subject. I completely rely on individuals and companies for battery recharge, food and accommodation.”

Talking about his Oman visit, he said, “So far, I haven’t seen much of Oman as I arrived from the UAE on Saturday. I will take time to discover the country.

“What strikes me about Oman so far is the friendly people and the big fuel guzzlers. I hope I play a small part in getting people to warm up to electric vehicles. I believe motorists in Oman will embrace electric vehicles as soon as the infrastructure is in place.”

Entrepreneur Faisal al Farsi, who recently opened the first street bike rental business in Oman, has sponsored the Dutchman’s trip in Oman. “I support what he is doing. It’s for a very good cause. I wanted to be one of the first supporters of sustainable transport in Oman. His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said has always supported environmental causes. It’s up to us to carry that forward. We need to change the current mindset and make these modes of transport available to people.”

He plans to visit India after the Oman leg of the journey.

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