Dozens of dead sea turtles spotted in Ras al Jinz

(Supplied photo)

Muscat - 

A visitor to the beach in Ras al Jinz on Tuesday was shocked to find dozens of turtles dead.

Speaking to Muscat Daily on condition of anonymity, the person said he took the photograph just a few hundred metres from the beach. “I believe these dead turtles just washed ashore. A number of them had ropes tied to their heads or flippers which means they were dragged to that specific location. Some are sun bleached and it looks like they had been there for a long time.”

A hotel employee in the area confirmed that in an effort to keep the beaches clean, citizens gather all the dead turtles and dump them in one place. Speaking to Muscat Daily, a forest ranger said, “This is the place where we gather dead turtles and bury them after several months.”

sea turtles

An official from the Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs, said that, apart from predators, many turtles are injured or killed because of boat propellers and fishing nets.

He stressed on the importance of involving the community to protect marine animals. “With the assistance of walis in neighbouring wilayats, we organise regular campaigns to spread awareness by giving lectures and distributing brochures in schools. We also conduct regular meetings with fishermen.”

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