Dhofar lures visitors with tradition, culture

Muscat - 

Visitors to Dhofar, besides enjoying the pleasant khareef weather of the governorate, can see a variety of handicrafts and cultural items at many outlets in traditional markets.

The items on display in many areas symbolise the governorate’s rich history and culture. The foremost is the affordable and differently-shaped incense burners, locally called Majmar.


The Dhofari incense burners are unique and different from those produced in other GCC countries.

The governorate has also been known for centuries as a hub of frankincense trade.


The most famous frankincense variety found in the governorate is Hojari. The governorate is also famous for its unique incense varieties, which is made using expensive perfume. A box is usually priced at over RO100.

Among the other items showcasing the cultural aspect include the traditional Omani khanjar [dagger], which is a must-have at social gatherings and national occasions and the silverware products. The traditional turban locally known as ‘Mussar’ or ‘Ghotra’ too are a highlight.

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