Cyclonic storm Luban expected to make landfall in Southeast Yemen

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The very severe tropical storm Luban over Arabian Sea has continued its progress towards Yemen and western part of Dhofar, with chances of it striking Southeast Yemen on Saturday night.

Although sparing Oman with its direct onslaught, Luban is expected to bring heavy rains from Saturday in Dhofar and southern part of Al Wusta.

The storm continued to progress with wind speeds of 119km/h to 137km/h on Thursday with its center over westcentral Arabian Sea, near latitude 14.6°N and longitude 58.0°E, about 490 km east-southeast of Salalah. 

The Public Authority for Civil Aviation’s (PACA) National Multi Hazard and Early Warning Centre stated that Luban continued to move towards the west-northwest direction. “Numerical weather predictions show the probability of indirect impact of the system on the governorates of Dhofar and southern parts of Al Wusta from October 11, with chances of isolated rain, strong winds of about 20-25 knots and rising sea waves with maximum wave height of 3m-5m.”

It added, “While the direct impact of the tropical cyclone with heavy rains and strong winds of about 30-50 knots are expected to affect Dhofar and southern parts of Al Wusta starting from Saturday (October 13). Also, maximum wave height may reach 6m to 8m.”

Jason Nicholls, senior Meteorologist/International forecasting manager, AccuWeather, said, “Luban remains a very severe cyclonic storm and is likely to strike Southeast Yemen on Saturday night. The storm will bring flooding rains and damaging winds to the Hadramaut and Al Mahrah regions of Yemen as well western Dhofar from Saturday into Monday, local time.”

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