Citizen plans another aid delivery to war-hit Yemen after supplying 55 tonnes in first trip

Muscat - 

Nasr al Jadhami is in the process of taking another container full of supplies to Yemen before Ramadan. Following this mission, he plans to visit Mombassa and Kenya to dig water wells. “This will be my second trip to Yemen. I delivered 55 tonnes of aid in February. I hope to deliver at least that quantity on my upcoming trip, but so far my container is only one-third full.

Thanks to word-of-mouth and social media, people from all backgrounds and creeds have been donating. We need rice, flour, milk, milk powder, sugar, baby formula, salt, cooking oil and blankets.” The 44 year old humanitarian, who works as a PRO with a shipping company has been organising such missions at around Ramadan for the past nine years. He has urged people to donate for the cause generously.

Humanitarian trailblazer Jadhami plans to go further West into Yemen and reach people who need most help. “Last February, I made it to the Hadhramout region of Yemen. This time, the plan is to go further west into Yemen and reach people who need the most help. I will be assisted by Yemeni not-for-profit, non-governmental association, Al Nahdhah. During my time in Yemen, I plan to make contacts, find the best routes to access the most needy, so I can share this information with others who wish to help. Oman continues to play an important role as an entry point into Yemen as the war-stricken country’s port and airport facilities have been damaged.”


After delivering the aid to Yemen, Jadhami will send the truck, along with the volunteer driver, back to Oman, and continue on his goodwill mission to Somalia – via Mombassa, Kenya - to drill water wells. “The surveys have been done so we know where to dig, I want to be present to document the drilling, so I can show the people who contributed to this cause where their money went, and see what else can be done for the local community,” he added.

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