Citizen develops recovery truck app to assist drivers in Oman

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In an age when most people depend on apps for even their day-to-day activities, a citizen has come with an application that assists in getting numbers of recovery trucks in the event of a vehicle breakdown or accident.

Called, Rafaa (recovery in Arabic), this free to download app has been developed to help drivers. It has been designed and developed by Eng Abdulrahim Abdullah Noori al Balushi, head of IT Department at the Al Jarwani Hospitality. The application is a handy tool for motorists.

recovery truck

Eng Balushi said, “By getting details of recovery trucks in the vicinity, motorist can save money and time, especially when stuck in far-flung areas. One can call on 9999, but there are times when the line is busy.”

The application uses GPS to find the location of the person. “The recovery driver can be summoned to the spot via GPS within minutes of a breakdown.”

recovery truck2

As a first step, Eng Balushi has collected mobile phone numbers of recovery truck drivers and owners and asked them to register their numbers with the app. “Once a recovery truck owner registers his number, he will start receiving request messages or emails of motorists who need help.”

Eng Balushi said he embarked on the plan after he saw people seeking numbers of recovery truck by posting panic messages on social media platforms. “This app will have all credible contacts and will also be beneficial to tourists.”

In the last two days, more than 700 people have downloaded the app which is available only on PlayStore now.

It will soon be made available on App Store as well.

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