CBSE begins annual pre-exam psychological counselling

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The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is providing pre-examination psychological counselling services to students and parents. The programme, in its 22nd consecutive year is designed as part of the board’s outreach programme which caters to the heterogeneous students’ and parent’s population and vast geographical network of schools. 

The psychological counselling will continue up to April 4, to help students overcome exam related anxiety. CBSE tele-counselling is offered by principals and trained counsellors from within CBSE affiliated schools located in and outside India.

It is a voluntary, free of cost service provided by the participants. For the first time, a comprehensive audio-visual presentation titled, ‘Knowing Children Better’ has been prepared and uploaded on the CBSE website. The various topics deal with real-time experiences and problems of adolescents with suggestive measures as coping strategies. The viewers can access the option ‘counselling’ on 


Another initiative of the CBSE is the ‘Question-Answer Columns’; CBSE experts will answer queries of students through weekly question-answer columns to be published in major national newspapers during the month of February.

The Central Board of Secondary Education has announced that ‘On-Line Counselling’ is available at

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