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In-line with its commitment to actively support initiatives involving talented youth from across the nation, Bank Sohar is serving as the official sponsor of Oman Forum Media Award 2018. Under the theme ‘Precious Home’, the first-of-its-kind accolade will be focused on local culture in a creative celebration of the nation’s heritage and cultural traditions through short videos on touristic, historical, and archaeological landmarks.

Organized by Sablat Oman Forum, the competition commenced on September 1, inviting young videographers to participate and showcase their talent through content that reflects the nation’s natural beauty. Set to conclude 45 days after its initial launch, the top three contestants will receive cash prizes after being selected by a panellist from the array of entries that are expected. Sablat Oman Forum previously organised a similar competition where the focus was on still photography that achieved outstanding participation with over 1,000 people entering from across the sultanate.

Ahmed al Musalmi, CEO of Bank Sohar, said, “Our agenda is firmly set on targeting initiatives capable of delivering multifaceted benefits, bringing value to causes, people and society as a whole, whilst enabling, empowering and inspiring others along the way. Delivering such benefits motivates the youth as well as other strategically selected segments of society, comprising a vehicle for positive social impact and discovering high-quality talent with the means of generating exposure.”

Thanking Bank Sohar for its support, Abdullah Issa Abdullah, deputy manager of Sablat Oman, said, “Bank Sohar’s support to the award demonstrates one approach to how modern enterprises can build capacity of youth, whilst preserving and promoting the cultural identity of the nation. By bringing skilled youth together in a passionate cultural exchange, we aim at providing them with a platform to showcase talent and creativity, boosting their development and encouraging their contributions through content that highlight the cultural wealth of Oman. We offer sincere thanks to the bank for its support.”

In order to participate in the bank sponsored competition, enthusiasts are advised to visit the official website, read all the instructions, fill-in a special registration form and upload their work along with the relevant documents latest on October 15.

Over the year, Bank Sohar maintained a strong focus on local youth with the objective of empowering them for the future. To this end, the bank recently launched 'Tomohi', a unique one-year internship programme aimed to develop young Omani skills and boost their employability in the market.

Additionally, the bank is actively engaged in career and training fairs, highlighting the prospects available to motivated learners. Other engagement include sponsorships of youth talent events such as this current Oman Forum Media Award, or events that celebrate youth achievements such as honouring outstanding students in the General Diploma in school at Sohar and the Oman Ambassador Award for International Students.

Musalmi added, “Bank Sohar has always supported local communities and the development of Omani talents with a variety of skills and achievements. We are thrilled to be a part of this initiative and urge creative minds with the relevant skills to get involved and showcase the natural beauty of our beloved nation. We wish contestants the best of luck.”

Bank Sohar’s support extends to all segments of the society and across a broad range of local events, featuring concept driven contests, sporting competitions and cultural activities as part of its ongoing efforts to promote local youth and Omani heritage. Celebrating local heritage, the bank sponsored the Al Abyad Annual Camel Race Festival 2018 at Mudhaibi in its work to support cultural assemblies across the nation, in addition to traditional shooting competitions, horse racing, handicrafts and other cultural displays.

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