Bank Sohar honours clients at annual corporate dinner

Muscat - 

Bank Sohar recently hosted a corporate dinner at the Al Bustan Palace Hotel in honour of its corporate clients.

In addition to retail and wealth management, Bank Sohar also has a large commercial portfolio. As such, the corporate dinner was a gathering of top-notch personalities from the banking and business sectors in Oman.

The eventful evening commenced with the emcees presenting the welcoming remarks followed by a speech by Dr Mohamed Abdulaziz Kalmoor, CEO of Bank Sohar, who thanked customers for their continued patronage.

He noted that despite challenges in the financial services industry, Bank Sohar continued to grow and serve its clients with top-class customer service.

"The strength of our bank allows us to remain a reliable financial associate to our valued corporate customers," said Dr Kalmoor.

"Despite the challenging market, we have successfully continued to help our clients and community grow. It is our endless effort in pushing ourselves to perform better and better each year that has continued to earn us better recognition in Oman’s financial market."

“We ascribe to the Blue Ocean Strategy, whereby we try not to rely too much on the spaces occupied by the other competitive players. We strive to create our own space and operate in it. No business today that seeks to outperform the market can do so by simply following the others,” he added.

He also said that customers can expect to see a slew of innovative products from Bank Sohar over the coming months.

These products have been specifically designed to offer simplified banking solutions for complex tasks, allowing them to spend more time focused on their core business.

The DGM and head of corporate banking, Mervyn Fernando, in a later speech discussed the important role that the bank’s loyal customers have played in the success of the bank in the past six years.

He also touched base on the addition of specialised teams specifically geared to handling the requirements of various businesses and the added value improved customer experience they will bring to the table.

"We are strongly committed to corporate clients with whom we work and our customers know they can depend on us to understand the issues and opportunities that are unique to the Omani market," said Mervyn Fernando.

"We're honoured that our customers choose us to be their banking provider. We look forward to the opportunity to provide financing and financial services that can help them achieve their personal and business goals."

“This event coincides with six year anniversary celebrations marking the completion of another year outstanding success and excellence. Together with our valued clients we look forward to another profitable and successful year ahead,” he added.

Also present at the event were senior level of management, along with the corporate team, who took the opportunity to mingle with and better understand the needs of their corporate clients and other customers.

It was also the perfect opportunity to discuss future changes that could further benefit the bank’s clients.

The attendees warmly welcomed and endorsed Bank Sohar’s policy of reaching out to clients and understanding their needs and concerns – all with a view to delivering a more enriching banking experience to its customers.

The evening concluded with a cake cutting ceremony by Dr Kalmoor, accompanied by the bank’s top management and corporate banking unit heads.

This was followed by a sumptuous dinner spread accompanied by music.

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