Awasr marks first anniversary

Muscat - 

Awasr, Oman’s premier provider of specialised broadband Internet services, marked its first anniversary on a high note, having transformed the local market with comprehensive Internet services.

It was on March 21, 2016 that Awasr was formally launched at a high profile event in Al Bustan Palace, a Ritz Carlton Hotel, providing users in Al Khoudh, Mawaleh, Al Hail, Ma’abela and Shatti al Qurm with high-speed fibre-optic Internet as a part of its initial phase. Following through with its strategic planning and execution, Awasr has, within a span of one year, established its mark in the business of Internet as the fastest growing provider with a reach and network that has ensured availability of choice for customers from all walks of life.

Issam al Ismaily, head of Marketing, said, “This growth would not have been possible without our customers; it is their unflinching confidence in our brand that has helped shape our today and promises to bolster our tomorrow. We have matched their support and trust by incorporating latest innovative solutions in our bouquet of services. With plans to expand our network in areas stretching to Azaiba, Ghubra and beyond, we are on track to deliver and fulfill all our promises.”

Awasr has successfully streamlined its operations to keep its presence vibrant on the Internet landscape of the country, with its speed and connectivity as well as its people-friendly approach. While its networking abilities have been variously proven with a growing customer base and penetration in different parts of the city, it is the community service projects that have appealed it to users including children. Early this year, Awasr organised a gaming workshop for children aged 13 to 16 years to equip them with online gaming concepts and assess their potentials to design games on their own. This workshop underscored Awasr’s ultra-high speed Fibrenet Home packages, which are intended to hone young talents and empower them to become entrepreneurs and innovators.

Following this workshop, Awasr offered its Fibrenet Home network customers with two months of free Internet, which ended on February 28.

The offer, valid on three Awasr Fibrenet Home packages - 20Mbps, 50Mbps and 150Mbps demonstrated Awasr’s commitment to widen its high speed Internet connectivity by bringing more homes under its network.

Badriya al Ismaili, head of Awasr’s HR and Administration, said that such events illustrate the company’s strong reliance on its employees to grow and develop the company. Pointing out that the skills and capabilities of Omanis helming various portfolios in the company helped shape its growth, she said, “While the Omani Women’s Day celebration gave us a platform to highlight our stance towards Oman’s culture and heritage, it also paved the path to validate our strength in our agile team of young Omanis.”

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