Arab countries must reconcile internationally: H E Alawi

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H E Yousuf bin Alawi bin Abdullah, Minister Responsible for Foreign Affairs has advocated Arab countries to adopt a reconciliatory approach towards the international community.

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Addressing the fifth session of the Arab-Russian Forum in Moscow on Tuesday, H E Alawi said, “Arab countries must come to terms with themselves to be in a position to reconcile with the international community. Everyone is trying to do this and we hope that something will be achieved. There has to be an understanding of Arab views for interaction with the international community. This can be the basis for joint cooperation.”

Talking about Syria, he said, “Oman did not boycott Syria. We maintained a channel of communication with Damascus. There was communication between the embassies of the two countries. We are of the view that calls for the return of Syria to the League of Arab States.”

About the crisis in Algeria, H E Alawi said, “It’s an ‘internal issue’. Political leaders there will be able to use the mechanism needed to get over the crisis.”

The fifth session of the Arab-Russian Forum held in Moscow was also attended by Sergei Lavrov, Russian Foreign Affairs Minister and Ahmed Abou el Gheit, Secretary General of the League of Arab States,.

Speaking at a news conference following the meeting, Lavrov said all participants spoke in favour of applying diplomatic means to ease tensions in the Middle East.

He said the countries were united in rejection of foreign interference in internal affairs of states in the region and demanded respect of their sovereignty and territorial integrity.

“The participating countries confirmed their adherence to the two-state solution of the Palestine conflict,” Lavrov said.

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