Al Yousef Group lends its support to Oman Cancer Association

Muscat - 

Al Yousef Group (AYG) announced its donation to the Oman Cancer Association on the sidelines of the PanAsia 2019 event recently organised by FC World. 

AYG was present and participated in the spectacular musical fundraising event. The AYG supports the efforts of Oman Cancer Association in providing services to cancer patients in the Sultanate of Oman and abroad.

On behalf of AYG, Faisal bin Mohamed al Yousef, the group’s board member, presented the donation to the Oman Cancer Association. It was received by Faiqah bint Ali al Sinawiyah, general secretary of the association.

Dr Wahid bin Ali al Kharusi, president of Oman Cancer Association, appreciated the support provided by AYG to the association.

He said that AYG fully understands and realises the important role being played by the association in the care for cancer patients in the sultanate. The association has been successful in creating awareness about early investigation and examinations though mobile mammogram unit in all governorates of the sultanate.

Dr Kharusi added that Al Yousef Group did not hesitate in supporting the association on many occasions. “We thank AYG for its efforts to enable the association to play its role in a better way.”

Dr Kharusi said that the association also supports research in cancer treatment, provides psychological and social support to cancer patients, and helps all patients who need special care.

Yousef said, “The Oman Cancer Association plays an important role in relieving the pains and reducing the sufferings of patients in the sultanate through a clear system of work as one of the best civil society associations of the country.

“It plays a pivotal role in examination of patients, providing them services and other support in accordance with clear mechanisms of action taking the scientific methods of volunteering into account.”

He mentioned that AYG was working to support the association and its activities with the sense of social responsibility.

The Omani Cancer Association was established in 2004 as a charitable non-profit organisation with the objective to work in the field of cancer awareness by taking care of mothers and children and rendering other humanitarian services.

The association supports research in the treatment of cancer and provides psychological and social support to patients with cancer.

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