Al Shomoukh 2 exercise begins

British tanks arriving at Duqm Port as part of the Omani-British military exercise

Muscat - 

The Al Shomoukh 2 military exercise which began on Monday is seeing participation of the Sultan’s Armed Forces (SAF), the Ministry of Defence departments, the military and security apparatuses, in addition to civil organisations.

This exercise will be followed by the Omani-British military exercise Swift Sword 3 which will run until the end of October and conclude with a live demonstration on November 3.

Commenting on the exercise, Lt Gen Ahmed bin Harith al Nabhani, Chief of Staff of SAF, said that the two exercises are part of plans which aim at providing training at strategic, operational and mobilisation levels.

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All participants will activate the diplomatic, economic, information and military lines to achieve the aims behind this national exercise. This is to ensure Oman’s security and stability for other public establishments to continue their development plans. “More than 70,000 participants from the various military, security and civil establishments along with more than 5,500 British soldiers from the British Armed Forces will take part in the exercises. Different weapons and equipment which have recently been commissioned will be used in this exercise which is considered the biggest in terms of size in the history of the Sultan’s Armed Forces,” Lt Gen Nabhani said.

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